May 10–May 13, 2022

Mirage ◦ Las Vegas

Reg­is­tered EDS par­tic­i­pants may request meet­ings with oth­er reg­is­tered EDS par­tic­i­pa­tions by using EDSLink. You will need access to the email address on file from your reg­is­tra­tion and your Reg­is­tran­tID from your email con­fir­ma­tion. *NOTE: Request­ing an appoint­ment in EDSLink is not a guar­an­tee that your request will be accept­ed. Please fol­low up to con­firm any appoint­ments and changes in time and location.

Gen­er­al Information

Logis­tics & Sup­port Ser­vices and Exhibitor Action Items pro­vide gen­er­al infor­ma­tion about EDS, your space and a sug­gest­ed time­line for mak­ing all of your arrangements.

Dis­trib­u­tor Mail­ing List — Offi­cial EDS par­tic­i­pants are able to access our dis­trib­u­tor data­base to make pro­mo­tion­al mail­ings. When you sign up for space you are pro­vid­ed with this web link.

Meet­ing Rooms & Suites

Meet­ing Room Request Form — A lim­it­ed num­ber of meet­ing rooms may be avail­able dur­ing EDS for rep sales meet­ings and for distributor/​rep events. Please com­plete the New Exhibitor Form to request a meet­ing room before or after show hours. Once assigned, we ask that you fill out a meet­ing con­fir­ma­tion, which bet­ter cap­tures your meet­ing needs. New Exhibitor/​Attendee Reser­va­tion Form

Meet­ing Room Logis­ti­cal Infor­ma­tion and Forms — Com­pa­nies with reserved Meet­ing Rooms will be sent a Google Form with options for Meet­ing Room Set­up, tim­ing for food deliv­er­ies and con­tact information.

Suite Logis­ti­cal Infor­ma­tion and Forms — Com­pa­nies reserv­ing Hotel Suites will be sent a Google Form with options for fur­ni­ture removal, Suite set­up and clean­ing schedules.

Forms and Downloads

Mis­cel­la­neous forms includ­ing Ship­ping, A/V Ser­vices, Food Ser­vices, Elec­tri­cal and oth­ers can be found here.

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