May 21–May 24, 2024

Resorts World ◦ Las Vegas

EDS Match­mak­ing

Most appoint­ments are made through pre­vi­ous­ly exist­ing rela­tions, but it is pos­si­ble to REQUEST an appoint­ment with com­pa­nies reg­is­tered at EDS who are open to receiv­ing inquiries. THIS ISREQUEST ONLY — IT IS NOTSCHED­UL­ING UTIL­I­TY AND NOTGUAR­AN­TEE THAT AN APPOINT­MENT REQUEST WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Com­pa­nies open to receiv­ing inquiries about meet­ings at EDS should use the but­ton below to sign up.

The list of com­pa­nies open to receiv­ing meet­ing inquiries is post­ed below. This list is updat­ed week­ly begin­ning 02/29/2024.

Com­pa­nies accept­ing meet­ing inquiries

No results were found. This list is updated frequently. Please check back at a later date.

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