May 21–May 24, 2024

Resorts World ◦ Las Vegas

Logis­tics & Sup­port Services

Updat­ed Logis­tics infor­ma­tion for Resorts World will be post­ed when available.


All EDS par­tic­i­pants must be badged for admis­sion to the show area at Resorts World. Badges must be worn in the con­ven­tion area. This includes the break-out rooms, Con­nec­tion Café, and break­fasts. Secu­ri­ty guards will be check­ing to make sure badges are worn in order to gain admis­sion to any EDS venue.

Updat­ed logis­tics infor­ma­tion for Resorts World will be pro­vid­ed when available.

EDS Pol­i­cy on Pho­tog­ra­phy and Audio/​Video Recording

The Elec­tron­ic Indus­try Show Cor­po­ra­tion (“EDS”) reserves the exclu­sive right to cap­ture pho­tographs, audio and video record­ings through the entire­ty of the EDS Lead­er­ship Sum­mit. Par­tic­i­pants in the EDS Lead­er­ship Sum­mit, by reg­is­ter­ing, rent­ing meet­ing or dis­play booth space, print­ing or oth­er­wise obtain­ing a badge and/​or enter­ing the con­ven­tion space con­sent to the cap­ture and reproduction/​publication (through­out the Sum­mit and there­after) of theirs’ and their employ­ees’ image, like­ness and/​or voice by EDS and/​or its autho­rized agents, with­out notice, lim­i­ta­tion or compensation.

EDS Pol­i­cy on Pho­tog­ra­phy Audio Video Record­ing 2024

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